Frosty Claws

Umbrella Cockatoo

Birth date: August 2, 2009

We brought this precious baby home in November 2009 and have treasured every single minute.  Frosty makes me laugh every single day!!

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Poor Lucy







Frosty taking notes

Frosty unpacking

Mom - a little privacy please!  I'm trying to shower!

I love my daddy

Frosty getting ready for work

No one snuggles like mama!!

After a shower I need to be held in towel

Daddy's boy

I love my mama

Sleeping with mama

Christmas - my favorite holiday

My Christmas photo

Frosty the Snowman was a happy jolly bird

Frosty has the sniffles

Really ? Candy canes ?!?!?



Happy New Year!

I love givin my mama some sugar!!

Frosty's Valentine Date

Hangin in the new bird room!

Frosty loves his showers

More water!!

That feels good

Woo Hoo!!

No more sales calls!!!

Time to sweep the bird room

My favorite napping place

More showers!!

I love it!!!!

Time to get to work

Christmas Photo

Frosty aggravating Tweety

Aww..can we keep him?

My very own Christmas tree??

Thank you mama for the bird tree

Time for lights on the big one!

Merry Christmas to all!!