Hakone Gardens
21000 Big Basin Way
Saratoga, CA 95070

Seasonal Highlights
January: Flowering Plums
January-April: Camellias
February: Daphne
February: Andromeda
February - March: Violets
March: Flowering Cherries
March - June: Azaleas
April: Rhododendron
May - June: Iris and Peonies
May - September: Water Lillies
October - November: Fall Color

Information taken from the pamphlet given at the Gardens:

The harmonious placement of plants, stones, and water are the essence of a Japanese garden.  They offer quiet beauty in all seasons.  After the introduction of Buddhism in the fifth century A.D., the first documented garden plan was made in 618.  By 620, the first man-made pond with a small island was introduced.  Each garden style is intended to represent a different perspective.

March 2008
I made this trip alone and it was truly a very tranquil place.  It's very quiet and peaceful, not to mention beautiful.

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January 2008



For more information please visit: www.hakone.com

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