The Hidden Fall

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July 2010
With 5 waterfalls under our belt in 2 days we decided to find the Little Roaring Creek Falls was Waterfall Chasers.   On our way to what we thought was the trailhead we saw a jack rabbit crossing the road.  The instructions we were following to this fall mentioned "bushwhacking" so you can see Scott is ready for anything.  We found what we thought was the trailhead and against my better judgment started down the side of the mountain on what was CLEARLY not a trail.  It was straight down!!  The mosquitoes were fierce.  Scott did get to use his knife for bushwhacking!  As he "cleared the way for me" (really just knocking debris in my path) we made it down the side of the mountain to the river - creek - water??  There was not any waterfall.  Darkness was approaching and we were getting eaten alive by mosquitoes.  Backpacks heavy and full of everything BUT bug spray.  We decided to head back up to the top which was even more strenuous!  This hike almost killed me.  I couldn't stop to rest because of the mosquitoes. We really started to get concerned when we saw what appeared to be bear tracks.  I was never so glad to reach the top and still alive.  On the way back down the road we stopped at a bridge with pretty cascades.  Scott being the scrambling pro that he had become decided to take off and scramble on up the creek.  Again I waited for him.  It was about to be dark.  I saw a sad, sad Scott walking back towards me.  He had fallen not once but twice in the creek and completely submerged his new 5 day old camera!  (I think I did get some pretty photos at this little place.) We need rest!!

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