San Juan Bautista Mission

Information taken from pamphlet given at the Mission:
Old Mission San Juan Bautista began with a group of leather-jacketed soldiers and a few native Americans watching a tonsured Franciscan priest raise his eyes and hands toward the sky... "In the name of our blessed Father, and the saint whose feast we commemorate today, St John the Baptist...."

The mission is open 9:30 to 4:30 (daily, except major holidays)

Please remember the church, buildings and grounds of San Juan Bautista Mission are over 200 years old! They urge you to be careful as you explore it's wonders.  Be mindful of low doorways and uneven surfaces. 

March 2008
This is a trip that I made alone.  I spent all day there.  I took my time and took a million photos.  The mission is full of history.  It is also where part's of the Alfred Hitchcock move "Vertigo" was filmed.  I didn't realize it before I went but after I got there, the bell tower looked so familiar and I had recently watched the movie.
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