Six Flags Marine World

I highly recommend this place.  It has the amusement park for the kids as all Six Flags.  It has the Meduza (my son's favorite coaster) and The Kong.  But it also has Marine and Land animals.  For my birthday one year, my husband signed me up for the Trainer for A Day program.  For the first half of the day, we got to work very closely with elephants and for the second half of the day we got to work with the dolphins.  MY DREAM JOB.  Another year for my birthday, my husband signed me up for the Dolphin Discovery program.  This time you work with the dolphins exclusively.  Working with and interacting with the dolphins leaves me speechless.  It is absolutely amazing.  In addition to the marine programs they have giraffes you can feed, the swimming tiger show is AWESOME and they have the BEST butterfly exhibit.  I highly recommend a trip to Six Flags Marine World in Vallejo.

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June 2010


Dolphin Discovery

June 2008

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Trainer For A Day


September 2003

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