Whale Watching
Monterey Bay

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These are just a few facts about the whales I've seen.  When you are whale watching from a boat it's hard to get the whole picture of what the whale really looks like or exactly how big it is.  They are GIANT peaceful creatures for sure.

Humpback Whales: Size: 48 to 62.5 feet, Weight: 40 tons

Size relative to a bus:


Blue Whales: Size: 82 to 105 feet, Weight: Up to 200 tons

Size relative to a bus:


Gray Whales: Size: 40 to 50 feet, Weight: 30 to 40 tons

Size relative to a bus:



January 31, 2011
Today we saw many, many gray whales.  They were quite a distance away from the boat and the boat was about 2 miles off the coast of Pebble Beach.  I'm surprised I got as many photos as I did.  It was a beautiful day!



October 8 2010
Today we spotted a couple of Blue Whales.  They were at a great distance and hard to photograph.  We also saw lots of Rizzo Dolphins.


October 3, 2010
Today was a FABULOUS day.  We saw SOOO many Humpback whales.  They were feeding on krill, breaching and very close to the boat!!!

Check out this video!

September 2009
This was a fun little trip.  There are many whale watching companies that depart from the Fisherman's Wharf in Monterey.  I chose the Monterey Whale Watching company.  In the three hours out on the bay, we did happen upon two humpback whales.  We followed them for some time.  It was very exciting.  This trip is not bad for people who tend to get seasick as you never leave Monterey Bay.

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