Whale Watching
Farallon Islands

This trip is not advised for those who become sea sick.  As soon as you pass under the Golden Gate Bridge you enter the Pacific Ocean.  The first time I took my son with me, he was fine until we reached the Farallon Islands, then he became sick.  He missed all of the whales and just felt terrible.  The second time I went alone. It is a great trip.  We saw so many humpback whales.  The sounds of them trumpeting as they breached the water were amazing.  It is a great experience for those with sea legs.

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These are just a few facts about the whales I've seen.  When you are whale watching from a boat it's hard to get the whole picture of what the whale really looks like or exactly how big it is.  They are GIANT peaceful creatures for sure.

Humpback Whales: Size: 48 to 62.5 feet, Weight: 40 tons

Size relative to a bus:


Blue Whales: Size: 82 to 105 feet, Weight: Up to 200 tons

Size relative to a bus:


Gray Whales: Size: 40 to 50 feet, Weight: 30 to 40 tons

Size relative to a bus:


October 9, 2010
This trip was FABULOUS!!!  We came across several BLUE whales feeding and breaching.  They were moving VERY fast and pushing the water with what looked like the weight of a freight train!!  We also spotted some Humpback whales.  A couple were napping, and some where feeding.  Click on the blog link for the whole story.

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