Yuba River Falls

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July 2010
Yuba River Falls is located in Nevada City and was the second fall of our adventure.  The road to even get to the trail to this fall is a treacherous one, especially in Scott's big ole truck.  But once we arrived safely at the trailhead it was easy to see this is a local swimming hole.  The trail to the falls is a HOT one.  There is not any shade.  You do get to look at the beautiful river along the way.  At one point you have to cross a creek, I enjoyed the creek much more than I did the falls.  At the creek we met a man panning for gold and TONS of lady bugs!!  Once at the falls, I was a little disappointed.  Maybe it was the wrong time of year to go??  I do believe this was Scott's favorite fall of the weekend, but that could've had something to do with the nudists we saw at the falls.



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